Lukashenko’s regime acknowledged the impact of EU-UNIAN sanctions

Lukashenko's regime acknowledged the impact of EU-UNIAN sanctions

The European Union will lose Belarus forever, says the country’s foreign minister.

Representative of the Lukashenko regime acknowledges that sanctions could destroy Belarus / REUTERS

By Belarus EU sanctions May lose state status.

Foreign Minister Volodymyr Mackie, a spokesman for Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, made the remarks in an interview with the television channel Belarus 1. Site Departments.

The official says not everyone in the EU agrees to sanctions against Belarus. According to him, “reasonable colleagues” oppose them.

“Because in the end no one will win. Belarus risks losing its state if the pressure of sanctions continues. Although we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening, the EU will lose Belarus forever. I think it is not the best. Europe interested,” McKay said.

Sanctions against Belarus

  • The other day, the US Treasury Department approved another set of sanctions against Belarus, in particular, against Lukashenko’s son Dmitry Lukashenko and several Belarusian companies.
  • Following Washington, the European Union imposed sanctions. European sanctions targeted 17 Belarusian citizens and 11 companies (including Belarus, Belarus Knopf, Krotnozot and Central Resort Travel Company).
  • Britain has also imposed new sanctions on Belarus. Among them, in particular, campaigner Hryhoriy Azaryonok and “SB. Belarus Today” special correspondent Lyudmila Gladka “interrogated” protesters detained by security forces on camera.
  • Sanctions are being imposed on Belarus after large-scale repression of opposition parties and the country’s citizens who do not agree with the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. The reason for the new sanctions against the republic was the migration crisis on its border with the European Union, which was resolved by the Lukashenko regime.
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