Ligu 1: USF777 partners in good position to acquire AS Saint-Etienne

Sarah Nguyen

Although it may seem stagnant, the sale of AS Saint-Etienne has fully resumed in recent days with the entry of serious buyers. It includes USF 777 Partners, already a minority partner of Sevilla FC since 2018 and the majority owner of Genoa since this fall.

16 days after Ligue 1, AS Saint-Etienne was last seen dead (20e) With 12 points – 15. Halfway through the 2021-2022 season this rank makes the club very vulnerable. Of course, he could not be satisfied with this decision or his current financial situation. Hence its openness to purchase. In recent weeks, potential buyers have been bustling at his doorstep. Especially the Russian billionaire Sergei Lomakin (986e Global luck according to Forbes). The owner of Total Sports Investments LLP, a venture capital firm, already owns several clubs around the world.

Everyone is exploring the next results of ASSE

TSI sent out a € 100 million bank guarantee and visited ASSE facilities on the sidelines of a failed match against PSG last Sunday (1-3). However, the team did not create an opportunity because initially the Greens wanted to ensure that they would continue in League 1. However the heads of the red lights cannot read a crystal ball to know it. The second attack comes from Terrapin Partners Investment Fund. Its owner, Nathan David Light, is also waiting to learn about the club’s sporting evolution before being offered a chance.

ASSE has registered the third project of Smart Godd Things, a company that specializes in environmental and eco-friendly consumption. Its Franco-Israeli founder, Serge Funo, has so far moved its Paris headquarters to Saint-Etienne, where he has not yet sent any letter of intent to acquire. Finally, note the interest of 777 partners. Steven W. Founded and managed by Pascoe and Josh Vander, the American company specializes in purchasing Boeing aircraft in particular. It is based in Miami and has 51 brands or companies in its portfolio. For total assets valued at 300 300 billion.

Very Intensive Project Connected by 777 Partners

777 Partners is also involved in the marketing, rights and broadcasting business of sporting events. In addition, the fund invested in the London Lions, England’s leading basketball club. Finally, he paid capital to football clubs. In fact, he has been a minority partner of Seville FC (ESP) in La Liga since 2018 and a minority partner of Genoa (Serie A) since last fall.

For these two teams, the team is a big business scent. On the one hand, he knows Andalusia is the most touristy part of the world. Genoa, on the other hand, is the gateway to Europe from the Atlantic with Christoph-Columb Airport. US fund leaders have already submitted the documents needed to restart the ASSE. They are currently reviewing information provided by the French club. It remains to be seen whether further action will be taken.

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