Beziers – Ubisoft builds a large campus inspired by video games in the economy

Beziers - Ubisoft builds a large campus inspired by video games in the economy

It will delight fans of Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance and other raving rabbits … Ubisoft, a leader in video game development, has announced the opening of the world’s first Ubisoft Immersive Center in 2025. It will be located in the future Studios Occitanie Méditerranée in Béziers, not far from Montpellier, where Ubisoft Studios is located, behind some of the company’s iconic characters.

Thanks to Wander technology, visitors will be immersed in an interactive, personalized and constantly evolving experience that was inspired by video games and led to the global success of the company created by the Gilmode brothers, first Carentoir (56).

Sinking three-dimensional storytelling

The design of this Ubisoft Immersive Center will be handed over to American Storyland Studios. You do not have to be a sharp camera to be inspired by video games and enter this world. At the beginning of the lesson the public will be invited to become an actor in this “three-dimensional immersive storytelling” by defining their incarnation and character.

“Video games have gradually established themselves as the first form of entertainment,” says Bruno Granza, founder of Oxidani Studios. It is only natural that we would team up with one of the world’s leading video game publishers to create a new kind of high-speed experience that celebrates the culture of games, and the French language.

Large scale theme park

This 88-hectare hybrid project includes a professional movie studio, plenty of entertainment options, shops, restaurants and hotels. It will attract millions of visitors a year.

With this high-speed hub, Ubisoft and Storyland Studios are developing the concept of a large-scale Ubisoft theme park. “Both programs are intended to be used in a variety of markets and potential locations,” explains Model Bresson, Ubisoft’s location-based entertainment manager. We look forward to sharing these experiences with our fans and audiences from around the world.

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