An exciting December event for a French company in London!

An exciting December event for a French company in London!
By Margaux Audinet | 12:22 pm on 12/03/2021 | Updated on 12/03/2021 at 12:26

Between the arrival of movies, ballads and Santa Claus… promises to be busy December at the French company in London: a godsend to the French community in London!

As usual, the French company in London offers a program for young and old, which creates plans for all tastes.

Many pictures are displayed in Ciné Lumière

Screened December 9th An American in Paris, On its 70th anniversary. Audiences will have the opportunity to engage in a conversation with the film’s leading actress Leslie Caron and composer Gary Yarshan. Throughout this month, a number of films will be screened at the French Institute Cine Lumiியேre: Hill, French dispatch, Professional

For the younger ones, there is also a choice in terms of images and animated images Hugo, Baby with the bell Or A boy called it Christmas.

Other events at the French corporate level in London

Christmas Father will pay a special visit to the French company in the United Kingdom on December 4 from 3pm to 3:45 pm. CBeebies Christmas Show – The Night Before Christmas. Apparently, true to him, there will be many surprises in his hood.

On December 16, the French of London will be able to attend the unmissable ballet Romy Yo and Juliet Since 1984, Rudolf Nourev has danced for the Paris Opera. In short, December is a wonderful month for the French company in London; Be sure to park in the beautiful district of South Kensington.

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