Video – Christmas: The Magical Lights of London

Video - Christmas: The Magical Lights of London

Not a centimeter of fir without angel lights. In London, Christmas is celebrated with light and artificial snow. In the eyes of passersby, the city has changed. “That’s something you expect when you come to London, which is why you should be there at Christmas time.”, Says one of them in the TF1 statement above this article.

Each street is more interesting than its neighbor. Most of the tourists do not know where to go. “This is my first year in London. It’s a dream, it’s wonderful.”, A young woman testifies. Department stores are also a part of the game. Every year, for more than a century, their windows ingeniously compete to attract customers. “There’s an amusement park. We have the intention of falling back into childhood, and it’s so magical.”, Declares a French woman.

Luxury goes with anything, from the facade to the shop windows. “It’s beautiful, it warms people up and it unites them.”Says a Londoner. No need to walk through the doors of the Church Arms Pub to warm up. Thousands of garlands, rows and rows of fir trees … this impressive Christmas ornament has earned a solid reputation for it. “That’s why we came”, Said a tourist. While waiting for Santa Claus to pass, London offers this magical setting to every street corner, residents and walkers.

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