“The Last Track”, a Western song by Club-Cine MJC and Ciné Millau


On Monday, December 6 at 8:30 pm, Club-Cine MJC and Ciné Millau will present US director Kelly Richard’s western song “The Last Track” (2011).

1845 In Oregon: The caravan of three families hires engineer Stephen Meek to lead them. He leads the group on an unidentified path through the desert hills. Hunger, thirst and lack of instinctual hope for survival are all obstacles that stand in their way.

Kelly Richard : I’ve been around the US a lot, and I think Western travel comes from my travels. It was the American landscape that led me to invest in the West .

“Let the outside tell the story”
“Let the space story be told. “

A command Peter Hutton He worked as a test director and film editor in Portland, Oregon.

If you take the time to look at things, you will be rewarded for it, it is a kind of discipline. “

Peter Hutton

Kelly Richard He often travels to the United States during the long scouts he performs before any filming: ” When you enter the west of the country, no matter how many times you have done it, your breath will always be there when you find the plains, it’s so sweet … Between East and West, roughly, in Kansas, I have a sense of my journey, I feel the need. I never know where I live, but I have this expression in this kind of moment: yes in traffic, that’s where I want to live.

Reflections by Kelly Richard

West: “ American cinema loves heroes. If the US creates Westernism from any point of view other than the white man’s view, it will be a political statement. This is strange because the initial position of the West was the invention of a new territory where the rules had not yet been adjusted and the power structure had not been established; It is the creation of a new world. But in practice it becomes an extension of the old world!

About the rhythm of the film: ” Speed, if slow, is also considered a political gesture. Because it is against the rhythm of our consumer and entertainment associations. The internet world does not make anything look too close or too long. Stopping this movie from pushing the pace makes you feel like you are acting against a system that wants to do something else. I did not create anything to send any message. I like to focus on the characters and the story. Going slow is my normal rhythm.

In question ” Is it enough to love nature, animals and human beings to take pictures? », Kelly Richard Answer: ” Yes Interview with Laurie Adler (10/20/2021)

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