Steven Spielberg and his critically acclaimed West Side Story

Steven Spielberg and his critically acclaimed West Side Story

According to magazines that have praised his remake with both hands, the director has achieved a feat.

If you wonder why Steven Spielberg Has landed in an unnecessary remake Western story, American Press Answer! The critics are unanimous: The cult director’s new film is a complete success with a new, modern vision and complete authenticity to the original work.

“This is the most exciting film Spielberg has produced in many years”, Absolutely the title Los Angeles Times. “Its version is more authentic and more real in terms of cultural representation than this 1961 film version. In recent years. “

Variety At least he is excited and confident Steven Spielberg Its “Give this musical classic a solid and catchy update. ” Director, Special Press “Accepting the 1957 Broadway drama and being true to what generations have loved (…) the whole film feels like it needs to be contemporary. This Western story A vibrant, live theater. “

“Spielberg wins near the Impossible Bed with this brilliant remake”, Title for its part It, Who insists: “Trying to measure something that hasn’t changed in more than half a century seems like a rare achievement …”

Hollywood Reporter Promises and Ensures Existence “There is no embarrassment in engaging in the sheer beauty and superior style of this pure big screen entertainment, both of which are a brilliant re-imagination Western story, On contemporary values, while at the same time an income tied to luxury in the past “.

Finally, the Site AV Club In a nutshell: this version “Pretty faithful “ To original. “Spielberg enjoys the opportunity to recreate the past charms of Hollywood musicians, while at the same time providing important and thoughtful updates … Songs Western story You ‘ve never seen him like that in years. “

The Western story From Steven Spielberg Released in theaters in France on December 8th.

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