Stepped on the nails

Stepped on the nails

In April 2015, Jones was walking across a boardwalk inside a Walmart in South Carolina when he suddenly had leg pain.

Jones stepped on a rusty nail that stuck to a hole in his shoe and foot, according to a lawsuit he filed in 2017. Washington Post.

He went to the hospital to treat the injury and was told in the case that he had a leg infection.

Jones did not know what kind of infection caused the rusty nail, but was told his leg had to be amputated.

Three disconnections

After three separate amputations, Jones lost most of his right leg. He has been in a wheelchair for six years and, according to his lawyers, “his daily life has completely changed”.

Jones sued Walmart, and last month an arbitral tribunal in Florence County, South Carolina, ordered Walmart to pay him $ 10 million in damages. This equates to NOK 90 million. This amount will go to past and future medical expenses.

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Walmart’s spokeswoman Randy Horkrove told The Washington Post that the company had already appealed the decision.

“Walmart is working hard to ensure that all customers have a safe experience shopping in our stores,” Hargurov said.

– We appreciate the work of the arbitral tribunal, but we do not believe that the verdict was upheld as a result of the testimony or that Ms. Jones’ injury occurred as stated in her complaint.

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