Steam’s highly acclaimed environmental destruction campaign “Dear Down” has completed campaign mode with a large-scale application distribution. Here are the new maps and robots – Automaton

Steam's highly acclaimed environmental destruction campaign "Dear Down" has completed campaign mode with a large-scale application distribution.  Here are the new maps and robots - Automaton

Developer Tuxedo Labs announced on December 2 that it was an eco-destructive action game that is currently being distributed for pre-access on Steam.TearingDistributed Update 0.9. The second half of the campaign mode is added, and the mode is over.

“Deartown” is an action game that destroys any environment using voxel graphics and physics. In addition to the sandbox mode and challenge mode, a story-driven campaign mode is also available. The player becomes the owner of a company in debt and places requests to make money from suspects.

For example, jobs such as “moving” an old house that refuses to evacuate, “renting” a PC from a company suspected of tax evasion, or “creating space” in the harbor for a customer to ship. Aim to complete the task by destroying objects while using various tools and vehicles. Since there may be alerts and security guards, it is important to plan well during the preview phase and create a path in advance if needed.

This time the campaign mode included more spaces, tasks and tools. In addition to the new characters, robots have also been prepared. It has been used as a defense robot, and seems to require soldiers to deal with it. In addition, a hurricane may occur on the map, which will further confuse the environmental destructive elements of this work.

Extends campaign mode and extends update mode support. Key factors include path-finding functions and robot production functions. Mod developers can build their own robots and this is a bottleneck path. In the future, it will wait a few days for the player’s reaction in campaign mode and return to development for the official release.

The work began with early access distribution in October last year, and added content such as new maps and challenges, support for the Steam Workshop, and adding photo mode. In addition, aspects of this work such as the destructive expression and performance of physics have been improved. In Steam user reviews, it is “very popular”, it is currently 95% popular and has won many awards. I have already had great success.

“Dear Down” is a PC (Steam) Delivery is made on initial access. The official release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022. This work is on sale until December 7 with a 20% discount.

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