Simple “communication cases”, three people arrested by police for escaping from an isolated center – RT in French

Simple "communication cases", three people arrested by police for escaping from an isolated center - RT in French

Despite a negative test for Covid 19, three young men were arrested for fleeing an isolated center in northern Australia.

The 24-hour news channel reported on December 1st SkynewsAustralian police have arrested three “escapees” from the Howard Springs Isolation Center in the north of the country, with the aim of combating the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic.

The youths in question, aged 15, 16 and 17, belong to the Pinjari tribal community near the town of Katherine. According to Skynews, they were transferred to Howard Springs after being identified as a “contact case”, although local officials have clarified that they only had a “minimal” risk because they tested negative for Covit-19. Twice a week.

“The health risk to the community was very low, it promises. But there is absolutely no apology for the actions of these three people this morning,” said Northern Province Chief Minister Michael Conner.

Large scale police system

As the Australian Channel 9 News press release, the police fought in the area in order to get their hands on three young people, especially in many traffic printers.

Commenting on the escape of three youths who climbed the fence of the isolated center, the head of the local government said the crime would lead to an extension of the teenagers’ stay. “Running from Howard Springs is not dangerous, it’s very stupid.” […]. There will be repercussions, ”he was quoted as saying by a television channel. ABC.

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