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Shirayuri Gakuen Junior and Senior High School (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) offers science classes covering a variety of trials at junior high and high schools. Its purpose is to develop the ability to combine knowledge and real matter through experiments, to think logically based on results, and to express one’s own thoughts. In recent years, the number of interested science students has been increasing, and this spring 50% of graduates are going to science universities and faculties. We introduced the high school 3 test subjects and asked the responsible teacher about the principle of science education.

Growing human through experiments with groups

Students wearing black tables are involved in the experiment
Students wearing black tables are involved in the experiment

I went to school on October 22nd to cover the chemistry tests of high school students. On this day the theme of the experiment was “Let’s create the original glass!”. Due to the large number of students, they were divided into chemistry room and biology room. They all wear black smokes called Tapliers to dedicate themselves to testing without worrying about dirtying their uniforms with chemicals.

This test is divided into two stages: “glass corrosion by hydrogen fluoride” and “silver glass reaction by reducing the activity of glucose”. On this day, I prepared in advance a slide glass with my favorite pictures and words eroded by hydrofluoric acid and began experimenting with the “Silver Mirror Reaction”.

Divide students into groups of 3 or 4 and mix a glucose-reducing solution mixed with a “silver solution” made of silver nitrate and ammonia water, and poured onto a bat with a slide glass. When the bat was waved, images of anime characters and snowdrops appeared on the silver deposited by the redox action, much to the delight of the students.

Finish a silver glass with your favorite shape
Finish a silver glass with your favorite shape

After that, he polished the silver glass by applying lacquer spray on the side of the painted pictures and letters, and on the other hand he finished melting the silver with a cotton cloth moistened with nitric acid. During the test, the students enjoyed teaching each other what they did not understand, and after the test, they cleaned the desk and left the lab.

Chemistry teacher Yuri Kozono, who led the experiment, said, “By drawing pictures and letters with hydrofluoric acid, the dialogue between students expands, while your own glass is finished.” “I feel even more so. Satisfied.” “Furthermore, by conducting experiments in groups, it seems that students who are more interested in science will elevate other students into a world of their own. Is this a liquid that can be filtered even when cleaning laboratory equipment? They grow as human beings, considering the environment and the environment.I think.

And on this day, Professor Eri Aizawa, in charge of chemistry, who instructed the experiment, said, “When I recall the situation of junior high school students, I now feel that we are able to continue the experiment. Own.” “In junior high school, the faculty distributes the equipment and specifies the equipment to be used for each job, but in high school the teacher prepares the equipment to some extent and the students work with the team. The team. I choose the equipment considering what equipment to use and how to share the work. I do, so that the experiment can be carried out efficiently.I think from such an experience, I can get something like life to think about priorities and organization.

Develop logical thinking and expressiveness through experiments

Author Isawa (left) and author Kozono
Author Isawa (left) and author Kozono

The school has been practicing science classes for many years with an emphasis on testing in junior high and high schools. The school has laboratories in all four fields of biology, geography, chemistry, physics and science, and has ample laboratory equipment such as the number of microscopes each can use. It is said that about 100 tests will be conducted in the third year of junior high school.

Yoko Wakabayashi, a teacher in charge of the science department, says, “I want students to feel the joy of science by conducting multiple experiments through junior high and high schools, and to experience and learn from a variety of events.” So, not only chemical experiments like today, but also the separation of the heart and eyelids of pigs, the digging of fossils from coarse stones and the making of astronomical models using styrofoam. In addition, I am committed to combining experiments related to daily life and producing cost-effective body warmers and leaf nerve samples.

According to Professor Wakabayashi, one of the purposes of conducting experiments is to “connect knowledge with real matter”. “For example, students understand the levels of pollen and pistils in textbooks, but when they actually encounter plants, they do not know where pollen and pistils are, and knowledge and the real thing are not combined. It is often said that it is completely different from the image in the textbook.I like to combine knowledge with the real thing.

Also, in the experiment, the report is summarized at the end. Its purpose is to develop the ability to think logically based on results and to express one’s thoughts clearly in sentences. In junior high school, teachers write the purpose and method of the experiment, students mainly write the results and reviews, but I advise you to add the report, purpose, policy, method, conclusion, review, new one submitted to the university by the students who choose science in high school.

First, as a result, thoughts and notes could not be written, and some students used many onomatopoeic terms such as “beautiful” and “shine” in their thoughts. Once in the classroom, the test can be clearly summarized so that those who do not know the test can read and understand it.

The number of students choosing science is increasing

Professor Wagabayashi says,
Professor Wakapayashi says, “The purpose of experimentation is to combine knowledge with fact.”

School High School is divided into 2 liberal arts, but in recent years, the number of students choosing science has been increasing. Previously the science subject was one-fourth of the first grade, now it is halved, and there are many years when many students choose science. Looking at the goals of 175 graduates this spring, 50% of all students are moving into science and engineering, including medicine, dentistry and medicine.

Many students choose science from the time they join, and many students want to pursue a career in medicine in the future, but some students say, “I like science experiments” and “researchers while conducting experiments in class,” “I wanted to be.”

Professor Wagabayashi says, “Many tests can help you choose a career path.” “For example, in the pharmacology department of a university, we do biological experiments, but after experiencing anatomical tests in junior high school, we find that we are not good at biological experiments, and some students reconsider going to the pharmaceutical field. Tests are one of the factors.

When I spoke to a high school student who chose science, he said, “The anatomy of the pig’s eyelid was so impressive that when I actually looked at and touched the eyelids, I realized it was more complex than the real eyelid image. The textbook, and there were many discoveries. I loved science, but through many experiments I became more active in studying than passive study, and my interest in science became even stronger, so I chose science.

Similarly, the high school 2nd graders who chose the science course said, “By exchanging ideas as a group and writing down ideas together, we are able to absorb the opinions of others and, in other subjects, listen to the opinions of many. “I talked about my changes.

Based on the growth of these students, Professor Wagabayashi says, “I would like to pursue subjects that include various experiments.” We have introduced new experiments, such as “genetic modification experiments”, but we will continue to examine how student interests relate to topical news in line with the trends of time and advances in science and technology. I have to go

(Sentence: Domoko Hiroy Photo: Support for Junior High School Exam)

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