Is Zionis injured? His coach’s big concern

Giannis Antetokounmpo qui sort sur blessure avec les Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo Not on the ground to face the raptors this Thursday, the fault of a sore calf. Was his injury serious? Hard to say, but his coach Mike Budenholzer has expressed his concern to the media.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were considered to be alone in another galaxy to compete for the title of Planet’s Best Player, but the dual MVP, Defender of the Year and Final MVP were added to the conversation. For the past few weeks, Giannis Antotocounbo has really been at the peak of his life. Winner of his amazing game against the Hornets. After the meeting, he made a strange confession.

I’m getting old. I can no longer immerse myself in others. I have to be smart.

Kianis touched the calf, did not come?

Giannis Antetocouncombo Feels old, and who says old age is the origin of injuries. After being forced at the end of the game against the Hornets needed to win, the Greek freak quickly realized that his body was struggling to pick it up. He was even left to rest against the raptors this Thursday and the pain was excruciating. Mike Budenholzer has expressed his concern.

According to Mike Budenholzer, Giannis Antotocounbo felt the discomfort of his right calf, which will be important for the next two days. “I hope this will be very short-lived.”

What is reassuring is that the match against Lamelo Paul and Charlotte was completed by Giannis Antotocounbo, the hot pain unbearable … However, the worrying thing is that the calf is one of the most complex muscles to heal. If the Greek freak tries to pick up too quickly it will tear itself completely and lose a long time.

This is what unfortunately lived for Anthony Davis Last season… February suffered an Achilles tendon and calf, blocking the interior of the lockers until the playoffs, which put a brake on the dream of purple and gold. Bucks hope the injury to the final MVP of the final will not be so long and embarrassing.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was put to rest as a precaution following the pain Mollet, But no one knows the severity of the injury. I hope he returns without making the situation worse.

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