Is “Tim Beeps” Enough to Save Tim Hortons?

Creating a new partnership between Tim Hortons restaurant chain and popular pop singer Justin Bieber “Tim Beeps” may not be enough to save the fighting business.

With customers knocking on doors, long waits and ordering errors, many Tim Hortons enthusiasts are experiencing more and more frustrations.

“This is a badly aging channel. We should not hide it, it’s sad,” said Philip Richard Bertrand, co-founder and partner of Amblyo Strategies, in an interview with Àvos Affairs.

Experts also point out that Tim Hortons was acquired by an American company.

“Unfortunately, they decided many years ago to sell the business to an American company that had to pay Tim Hortons to try to breathe new life into it, to digitize them and revitalize restaurants, and it could not,” he said. Laments.

Mr. Bertrand also says that “there is a problem with the business model.”

“When you go to a tim where you can walk and sit, the average age is around 60 and up,” he says.

According to the researcher, the new relationship with Justin Bieber is an attempt to attract young people to restaurants.

He presents the Starbucks coffee chain as a success story, whose mobile app was launched in 2011 and can now boast of having a $ 1.4 billion deposit to buy into the future.

Bertrand believes that to ensure its survival, the Tim Hortons chain needs to do more than just partner with celebrities.

“It really needs to be changed from top to bottom because now they have slipped the only banana peel they had. They have stopped digitalizing and trying to improve, and today no one is going to work there,” he says.

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