How You Can Make This Year’s Office Christmas Party a Lot More Special and Magical

There will always be something magical about the Christmas season, and most of us look forward to it from one year to the next. It’s a great time to be kind and to be merry, and what better way to celebrate than to hold a fantastic office Christmas party? Of course, planning such an event can be a challenge if you aren’t quite sure how to arrange it, but with a few tips, you can make your corporate Christmas party an affair to remember. So how can you make this year’s office Christmas party a lot more unique and magical? Here’s how.

Make sure you have enough food and drinks!

There’s nothing worse than realising halfway through a Christmas party that you’ve run out of food and drinks. It can dampen everyone’s mood for sure. But the solution is simple: count the number of guests and attendees you have, and allot more than enough for everyone’s fair share. For example, if you have 100 attendees, ensure you have enough food for 150 guests and drinks for 200 guests (or more). Your menu doesn’t have to be complicated, either – crisps and dips are a standard, and you can also serve festive goodies like biscuits and pies. For drinks, make it a point to have seasonal options alongside the standard options, like eggnog, apple cider, mulled wine, hot chocolate, juice, soda, and water. You can even set up a bar where people can mix drinks themselves or hire a bartender.

Go for a special theme

Themed events are more memorable, and you can wow your employees with a brilliant theme. You can go all out with a fairground or carnival theme, for example, and hold your party at a park or outdoor location where you can set up rides, games, and stalls. Better yet, make it an affair for the entire family – invite your employees and their kids for a day (or evening) of fun. It’s a great way to show them that you care about them as individuals and not just as employees. Look for a funfair hire company to set it up, and you can set the entire party around this theme. There’s a bonus with such a theme, too – you don’t have to worry about the food because you can opt for carnival or fairground food, like candy floss, hotdogs, burgers, popcorn, and candy – which are more affordable than other food options.

Play the best music

In line with your theme, you can hire a band to play the best music that everyone can sing along and dance to so you can make your party even more spectacular. But since this is Christmas, ask the band to play a few holiday songs and tunes.

Plan some brilliant games

If you’re going for a carnival or fairground theme, it’s easy to select game booths and stalls, with traditional fairground games like ring-toss, hoopla, hook a duck, and coconut shy. But you can plan other games alongside these, like classic tug-of-war games and cake decorating competitions or Christmas charades, holiday trivia, a gift-wrapping contest (for humans!) and a relay competition where participants can use spoons to balance Christmas ornaments whilst they race to see who finishes first.

There are plenty of things you can do to make this year’s office Christmas party extra special, but don’t forget the decorations – including faux snow, garlands, and string lights!

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