He invites the wrong person to thank him and befriends him, and this incredible story becomes a Netflix movie

He invites the wrong person to thank him and befriends him, and this incredible story becomes a Netflix movie

(EDX Daily Up) – That’s the best story of today! Netflix will change the true story that is going viral on social media. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.

Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench will be the next heroes Netflix. The streaming giant was inspired and captured by a true story Viral Who moved the world Social Websites. Called the “Thanks Giving Text”, the film tells the story of an improbable encounter between two strangers during a Thanksgiving exchange. A story that is spreading virally on social websites.

They did not know each other, but decided to celebrate Thanksgiving

It all started in 2016. Wanda Dench, a 64-year-old white grandmother, sends out a message inviting her grandson to a traditional Thanksgiving meal at the end of November. But his text message did not reach the right recipient. This is the end Jamal Hinton, A 17-year-old African American high school student who received the invitation. “There will be a Thanksgiving dinner at my house on November 24 at 3pm. Tell me if you come. I hope to meet all of you. Of course that includes Amanda and Justin,” Grandma had sent. After exchanging some news and their respective photos, the two foreigners made an appointment for a US vacation. Since then, tradition has taken hold.

Although Wanda’s husband died of Covid 19 disease in 2020, the two strangers, who have been friends since day one, met in 2021 for Thanksgiving. This relationship between this grandmother and this new grandson has become a message of true love on social media: “We are happy to share our story with the world. This will encourage them to reach out to more people. We are so blessed to have found a true friendship, and God reunites us with a false message, “said Jamal Hinden and Wanda Dench.

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At this time, Netflix has not announced the name of the director or cast of the pair on social media.

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