Brewers Randall tried to buy Crick

Brewers Randall tried to buy Crick

MLB operations have been suspended since yesterday as the strike was officially triggered. However, that does not mean that there are no big little rumors to tell you.

And this is a good one.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the Brewers approached Jace to discuss a trade. The Milwaukee roster wanted to get Randall Crisch, and instead wanted to send Jackie Bradley Jr. to Jace.

Since Bradley Jr. eventually traded with David Hamilton for the Boston Red Sox and Alex Pinelas for Hunter Renfro, this proposal obviously did not work (and will never happen).

We’re talking about Bradley Jr. returning to Boston.

Question to ask: What would have been the benefit of carrying out this transaction on Jayce’s behalf?

Although Bradley Jr. turns out to be a great outfielder, Toronto doesn’t really have the business to follow him. Chris is doing the job defensively and has a notch more than that in batting JPJ.

Could Jace have been seduced by the two beliefs attached Agreement? May be. But, as I discussed with colleague Charles-Alexis Prespois, the window for opportunity for a possible World Series is now open in Toronto. Not in seven years.

In the end, everyone wins. Bradley Jr. is going back to where it started for him, especially as he has had more success in his career.

As we tell each other, last season was devastating for him.

The Socks are laying hands on two hopes of filling seats in their school associations.

Also the Brewers get a great talent at Hunter Renfro.

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