Australia’s Education Minister Alan Dudge has been suspended

Australia's Education Minister Alan Dudge has been suspended

Alan Dudge, Australia’s Minister for Education and Youth, was suspended on Thursday, December 2. Member of the Liberal Party and elected to the federal parliament, since 2010 he has been accused of engaging in moral harassment and physical assault.

A few days after the official inquiry was released “Sexual culture” Alan Dudge, Minister of Education and Youth in the Australian Parliament, has been fired for allegedly harassing. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced his suspension in Canberra on Thursday, December 2nd.

An investigation into allegations of harassment by a former employee is pending. Rachel Miller alleges that Alan Dudge was subjected to moral harassment and physical assault on Thursday during an affair they maintained in 2017.

Rachel Miller, a former civil servant, revealed the matter last year. He told reporters “Emotionally and in one case, physically abusive relationship” Marked by “Power Imbalance”. He specifically said he was kicked by Alan Dodge during an argument.

In the press release, Minister “Completely and definitively” He denied the allegations. Hours after Rachelle Miller’s statement, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s federal parliament agreed to his suspension pending an Alan Dudge trial. “Free and Fair”.

The case comes just days after the official hearing “Sexual culture” It revealed that more than half of the staff of the Australian Parliament, the Legislature, have been subjected to harassment or sexual harassment or sexual harassment while at work.

In 2019, a parliamentary aide accused an Australian minister of raping himself in his office, sparking nationwide outrage.

Alan Dudge joined the Australian Liberal Party in 2002 after earning an MBA from the prestigious Harvard University in the United States. Elected to the House of Representatives under the Australian Federal Parliament, in 2010 he became Secretary to Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 2013.

Alan Dudge, who was appointed Minister of Public Services in 2016, was Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism from 2017 to 2018, then Minister of Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure, and Minister of State for Urban and Urban Infrastructure from December 22, 2020 to December 2020. Education and youth in the government of Scott Morrison.

Originally from Beganham, Victoria, Alan Dudge is 50 years old.

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