Uber may be bothering you soon!

Uber may be bothering you soon!

Uber will test audio recording security device in its vehicles in the US! This system has already been tested in Latin America.

Company Uber Announced that he was going to start a project Custom audio recording In three U.S. cities to improve safety, Uber allows drivers and passengers to send travel records in the event of a security incident.

Measures to strengthen security

Uber has revealed that it will almost certainly receive it by the end of 2019 6,000 sexual harassment complaints And nearby 107 road deaths. These are all 2.3 billion trips to the United States in 2017 and 2018. This registration function aims to provide additional security and empower users if drivers and passengers feel uncomfortable. .

The audio recording feature was launched in Latin America two years ago and is available in 14 countries in the region, but will be released in the US for the first time later this year. Kansas City, Missouri, Louisville, Kentucky, and Raleigh-Durham, NC, drivers and Passengers can choose audio recording for personal trips Directly through the application. Uber said drivers will be notified by the banner in use if they have the opportunity to save their journey and can cancel if they are uncomfortable.

Security and privacy at the heart of Uber

Encrypted recordings are stored in the Uber application and cannot be played by usersThe product manager of the brand, Mr. Consul said. ” In the event of a security incident, users who complete the security report can send the log to Uber staff who can decrypt it.“, And Mr. Console clarified.

A spokesman said the company expects full-year road traffic deaths data from U.S. regulators to finalize the safety report for 2019 and 2020.

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