The club warns its supporters before the trip to London!

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The UK has been very firm on return trips out of the country since the outbreak began. As seen during the Ballon d’Or ceremony last Monday, Premier League players were unable to travel to Paris due to binding measures ordered by England.

Although the State Rennes are due to face Tottenham on Thursday, December 9, the Bretton Club want to warn their supporters. They must follow these steps outlined by Rennes.

  • The PCR test should be taken by the end of the 2nd daye One day after arriving in the UK. Antigenic tests are no longer acceptable.
  • Isolation until test results are available.
  • If the PCR test result is delayed, you should insure yourself until your test result is known or until 14 p.m.e The day after your arrival.

Restrictions, of course, should encourage more than one Briton.


State Rennes will travel to Tottenham’s grass next Thursday for the fifth day of the Europa League conference. To get to the UK, you have to go a few days before the meeting to respect the isolation, so the crossing should be smooth.

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