Summer 2022: Jimshark is set to open its first store on Regent Street

Summer 2022: Jimshark is set to open its first store on Regent Street

Jimshark is an online sports clothing store founded in 2012 by an English student named Ben Francis. Next summer, the brand will open its first physical store on Regent Street in London.

You can buy a variety of products designed for sports such as bodybuilding or fitness on the Jimshark website. Among other things, there are bras, jackets, shorts and leggings. Born in the West Midlands in 2009, the brand is internationally known today. The next phase of its expansion will be marked next summer.

Impressive evolution of the British brand

In 2009, Ben Francis was a second-year business student at Aston University. He still lives with his parents, worked in a pizza hut, and sold sweatshirts he sewed from his home. In parallel to these activities, Jimshark created the website with the help of friend Louise Morgan. Twelve years later, this online gaming platform is known around the world and now weighs over a billion pounds.

Although Louis Morgan left the company a few years ago to pursue other endeavors, Ben Francis is still a majority shareholder in Jimshark. Since the summer of 2020, the American company General Atlantics has owned 21% of the successful company. Until now, the brand has had the uniqueness of focusing only on online sales from its head office in Sollihul, UK. This year, new offices opened in Denver, USA, and new projects crystallize Jimshark’s expansion.

The actual gym shark store will open in London in the summer of 2022

The brand has announced the opening of the first body gym shark store on 165 Regent Street, London’s famous shopping street. Thanks to a 10-year lease of The Crown Estate, the brand will have 1,672 square meters of building in the center of the British capital. In the program: sales of Jimshark products, but also community events, training sessions and lessons with teachers. This opening should allow for the creation of 100 jobs.

Named Entrepreneur of the Year by EY 2020, Ben Francis expressed his excitement about the project: ” I started this brand nine years ago in my West Midlands bedroom and now that I own a shop on Regent Street it is mind boggling. This store will rediscover the Jimshark business and I can not wait to see its growth. “According to Britain, his team has been working on the project for some time.” We knew we were going to do this, it had to be in a iconic place, and nothing more than Regent Street .

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