Night Shadows, Eclipses and Rockets: Discover the best cities in Ceará to see the sky – Metro

Night Shadows, Eclipses and Rockets: Discover the best cities in Ceará to see the sky - Metro

Far from street lights and buildings in urban centers, the Ceará sky prevails Natural brightness In distant municipalities Light impurity, Wind and cloud formation. A special view of the astronomical phenomena commonly found in the state emerges in cities such as Santa Quitaria and Quixote, highlighting the possibility of surveillance tourism.

Astronomers and lovers continue to share their experiences on Astronomy Day, celebrated this Thursday (2) in Brazil. Eclipse, comets, planetary connections, Among other events, at Ceará. The list of locations goes through the Cretaceous, Dowa, Parambu and Pintoradoma.

From Ceará soil, you can see astronomical phenomena Northern and Southern Hemispheres, For example, can identify rockets launched from French Guiana and China. Nearby objects Galaxy centerAlso found are the Trifit and the Lagova Nebula.

“As you go inland, the view begins to improve. I have already observed some of the cities, photographed and used binoculars. Trinidad does the analysis.

Night sky in the Kachoira district of the Marangweb region

Lariston Trinidad / Personal Archive

Staying “halfway anywhere” is, as he describes, able to see the hidden beauty of the urban setting. Wealth for scientific research. “Walking in the middle of Serdavo only with the light of the stars is an experience that people should live with,” he insists.

The countryside of Santa Guitaria is absolutely brilliant and one of the best skies I have ever seen because it is so dark you can stay away from the county seat.

Lauriston Trinity

Amateur astronomer

In very dark environments, even skylight is possible Form shadow People and objects. “At this point, Venus can be seen looking at a shadow – if you put on a white paper,” insists a member of the Brazilian Network for Meteor Surveillance (Brahman).

According to Ednardo Rodriguez, a professor of astronomy at the Federal University of Sierra Leone (UFC) and a collaborator with Sierra da Scienzia, escape from the air is important for observations. “Primarily, one should avoid coastal areas because it is very windy. It vibrates the telescope and carries a lot of sand into the equipment. “

Santa Quitaria stands out for its observation of astronomical events

Lariston Trinidad / Personal Archive

In addition, “mountainous areas should also be avoided because they create high humidity and snow on telescopic mirrors,” he adds.

You Astronomy Clubs To travel within the state, but there is no system for observations yet. “This is a huge possibility, in countries like Chile, where the world’s largest telescopes are installed because the sky is clear and there are no big cities,” he insists.

How to increase access

The possibilities quoted by Lauriston can be better utilized with a construction Astronomical Laboratory Inside, as proposed by Professor Ednardo Rodriguez.

“We have many monitoring centers in the capital, but it is better to keep track of exactly where, we have very few surveillance,” he analyzes. The teacher notices an increase in the number of people interested in the subject Telescope Hospital, To repair equipment, in Sierra da Sciencia.

Light pollution is low in the Sierra, where the world’s best observatory is located, as in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Accessibility can be a barrier

Ednardo Rodriguez

Astronomy teacher

Ednardo oversees the formation of teams leaving Fortaleza in search of record-breaking events such as the Comet Nyowice in 2020.

“In Guizada, there are hotels in the Rainha do Certavo Sanctuary and in Petra dos Ventos that support astronomers. Being close to the peaceful city of Paramoti is also worth noting, ”he points out.

From left to right, Ednardo Rodriguez, Sarah, Vicente and Heliomarcio Morera. Lasers are used to show the stars in the sky.

Personal archive

Depends on expanding interest and access to astronomical events among the Ceará Training investment Of the authors. “It is necessary to hold major astronomical meetings (Erea) where teachers, mainly from the public network, receive training on the subject of astronomy”.

Trying to see the sky

Still, high school students stand out at the Astronomy Olympiads, with Bianca Lima, 17, already winning six medals.

“In Fortaleza, I like to see the stars on the beach as much as I can from the buildings and poles. Near the sea, you can see the sky and see a lot of beautiful things,” he shares.

Bianca enjoys Family trip Make astronomical observations. “I have already made some trips to Paraguay, where the night sky is the same. But it depends on where you are, because there is still a city with a lot of light pollution, but much less than Fortaleza,” the student thinks. .

The search for buildings and places beyond city lights also takes place outside the capital. “Ceará has many points where you can get a great experience like the interior of the city of Pintoradoma, the city of Paraguay, Serra do Mel and many more,” he notes.

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