Dan Aikroyd and the audience of success

Dan Aikroyd and the audience of success

A pillar of American television in the 1980s, John Bellucci’s best ally, the actor behind the cult of “Ghostbusters” never regained the glory of his comrades Bill Murray and Harold Ramis.

In 1984, he was armed with a plumber’s brown full-body suit, armed with batting ghosts, drop ectoplasms, and other spectral traps. He is the Action Hero Boybusters, Evan Reidman’s fantastic comedy, succeeded in getting fired at the time. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom At the top of the US box office, even today, it remains a benchmark in terms of popular entertainment and endless laughter. This mocking knight, this weirdo of neutron fluxes (should only be replaced in the event of an immediate catastrophe) … Dan Ackroyd.

Who? In the long generation of blockbuster Boybusters (From his famous original title), the actor is somewhat eclipsed by his two comrades and key partners: the paradoxical and legendary Phil Murray’s lasting glory on his right, and the directorial career of Harold Ramis on his left (among others, brilliant destruction)An endless day) Is to forget a little too quickly that we are indebted to the original and strange idea of ​​the film. In fact, in this wonderful group of friends, Don Aikroyd is the only real … ghost hunter. For a Canadian actor born in 1952 in Ottawa, this is a hereditary thing. From the constant will of at least one grandfather, the dentist in the business, was more inspired by the hypothetical manifestations coming from beyond the grave than the molar problems. ” My grandfather Sam Icroyd was a local historian of all spiritual sessions and other contradictions in the 1920s. ” Supernatural What can reach him », He agreed in 2009 To do New York Times. The actor wants to say that long days after his grandfather died, he will stay at the family home for a while.

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