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November 30, Beijing Times News, according to foreign media reports, has encouraged self-help businesses to thrive in recent years, thanks to positive psychological research. Scientific research on positive psychology shows that those who are positive will improve themselves. Happiness, at the same time, has more anxiety, depression and self-harm occurring around the world.So, should we be unhappy despite advances in psychology?


According to an influential article published in the Public Psychology Review in 2005, people’s happiness is determined by 50% genes, 10% by their environment, and 40% by “deliberate behavior”. This two-dimensional pie chart of happiness code gives positive psychologists the initiative to determine their own path to happiness, but the implicit message is that if you are unhappy, it is your own problem.

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Inheritance and acquired culture

Intrinsic heredity and derived culture are not mutually exclusive.Instead, molecular genetics, i.e., the study of the structure and function of genes at the molecular level, shows the continuum of interaction and acquired culture and influence and genetic influence. Ecology helps people to choose behaviors, such as: The extroverted personality that parents inherit from their children helps children develop team friendships and better interaction and interaction with others.

Similarly, the environment changes the expression of genes. It is born smaller than normal babies and is born with heart disease.

Intrinsic inheritance and inherited cultivation are interdependent and mutually influential. This is why two people growing up in the same environment behave differently. This means that the assumption of ecological equality in behavioral genetics is no longer valid.

Some people are exposed to environmental influences, so their thoughts, feelings and behaviors change greatly when they face negative and positive events. Therefore, when they attend health seminars or read positive psychology books, they may be affected and they may experience further changes. Than others, and such changes last longer.

But any positive psychological intervention may not be beneficial for everyone because everyone’s DNA is different. Therefore, the mood swings of our happiness code and the events we encounter in our lives are different.

So does this mean that people should be unhappy in their lives? Some people may work harder to improve their happiness index than others, and this effort means that they will be unhappy for a long time.In most cases, they will never experience high quality happiness.

However, some people have high genetic plasticity, which means they are more sensitive to the external environment, thus increasing their ability to change behavior, which can improve their health. This will increase their happiness and promote their healthy growth.

But although genes do not determine who we are, they play an important role in the happiness index, the choices we make, where we live, who we live with, how we live, all of these affect our perception. Happiness and the happiness of the next generation. (Yeh Kingcheng)

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