New York Foods: Prohibition of Ignition

New York Foods: Prohibition of Ignition

The New York Mets have been making headlines in the last 48 hours with the addition of players of various abilities: none other than Starling Marte, Mark Kanha, Eduardo Escobar and most recently Max Scherzer. Billy Effler’s check book caught fire.

Of course, it’s all noise, a lot of noise. We can only be happy with the arrival of side fans, players like Max Scherzer. Imagine: Jacob Dicrom and Scherzer in the same cycle. Wow! The media adds a layer. We have already made the Mets division a favorite to win, and much more. The Exaggeration Solidly stuck in the Queens. Peace, serenity.

I say: Keep our feet on the ground!

Regular winter fire

Each off-season brings a share of surprises and rumors that all teams pass on. The Mets are no exception, this is the game. In the end, to win at baseball, it takes more than a few more names on your team. I’m not really in favor of the strategy “All “To be more traditional, I’m sure you have to go with the growth and patience to win baseball, as the Royals did in 2015, the Cubs in 2016, the Astros in 2017 and the Braves in 2021. You may be the recipe for player success here and there.” The success of these teams is the result of work done a few years ago. In this small game, the Mets seem to have less patience than the others.

No, the Mets are not scarier than last year, where they could have added Francisco Lindor, Carlos Carrasco, Brad Hand and Javier Pace to their squad, but could have ended up with a tragic record of 77 wins against 85 defeats.

The Mets and Patress are on the same boat. Last winter, everyone had only one for these two teams. In the end, one finished 11.5 games first in their category and the other 28 games. Texas Rangers? This team can never touch .500 in 2022, I put my hand to the cut.

I have another opinion on the Seattle Mariners, which in my view is very credible with a good team consisting of young players and senior players, I think about it a little more.

It takes more than a check book

Why create Mets favorites? Because of Mark Kanha and his .244 batting average, his versatility and his 27 Attacked by the pitch Land in the city in 2021? No.

Eduardo Escobar? Flip the coin.

Starling Marte? A good player, but far from one The one who changes the game.

Yes, Max Scherzer? Make sure the shearer is solid on a mound. Pitcher has a solid life behind him, and nothing to prove. With 190 wins and 3,000 strikeouts in his CV (3,020), Scherzer is the pitcher that any small ambitious team wants to be in their cycle. But Max is 38 years old and he only throws for five days. If there are 30 starts in the season (certainly not 30 wins), is this enough to turn the Mets into a completely different team than 2021?

Also keep in mind that the Scherzer was dead-handed last season (I would say “tired”) and could not do more than that in the most important games for the Dodgers. Max’s aging body, muscles and ligaments can play tricks on him again in October or sooner. In the event he endures, as I said before, he will only throw one in five matches.

$ 43.3 million more per year, right?

No, baseball is not that easy. Dear New York Mets fans, be careful. Control your emotions.

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