Matrix 4 Resurrections: You have to “cross the glass” to understand the image

Matrix 4 Resurrections: You have to "cross the glass" to understand the image

Again, it is necessary to go “behind the mirror” to understand the future film The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves and Gary-on Moss. In an interview with the American media, Lana Wachowski expressed optimism.

A mirror of art , Believes Lana Vachovsky in an interview with the American press Entertainment Weekly Magazine. The director is heading for the next and fourth film The Matrix, Called Resurrections. Scheduled for theaters on December 22, 2021, the series (which is not really a sequel) has yet to reveal any of its secrets. The trailer also offers more questions than answers.

Most people like to look at the surface, but people like me like to be behind the mirror. I made this film for them , Adds Lana Wachowski. In this interview, he believes in the script less than his full narrative approach.

What is Matrix 4 talking about?

If you think about what he will say The Matrix4, It is now clear that this answer will not be given on the silver plate: you have to look between the lines of the picture. This is not new to the story. The first trilogy dealt with many technical metaphors, social and philosophical subjects, from gender to liberties. The honesty of the main character confronting the complexity of an abyssal world created a dizzying opening search at the base of our human reality. And above all: change, constant transformation.

Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Bucks (Jessica Henwick) prepare to enter the “rabbit hole” behind the mirror, as in Alice in Wonderland. // Source: Entertainment Weekly / Warner

The Matrix4 If one believes in Yahya Abdul-Madin II, the translator of the New Morpheus, one would be in the same movement: ” Of all the science fiction plays I have participated in, The Matrix is ​​the only one that contradicts reality. The plot has all the great ideas surrounding The Matrix, but there is a lot of heart and humanity in this story.

In fact, these are not the lessons of the director’s approach: the modernity of 1999 is not like 2021, nor is our relationship with the Internet. Lana Wachowski narrates the story of the film ” Exploded in a fully formed way In his mind, maybe an update.

She explains Entertainment Weekly Magazine That ” Technology has paradoxically brought us closer when we isolate ourselves or separate ourselves from one another “This is the power of technology.” Trapping or controlling our subjective reality as an important part of the new story for the Matrix Renaissance .

Maybe that’s why The Matrix4 In part, the first film reappears. But the most dangerous reconsideration: Neo was initially caught up in a false reality, and now he is stuck in a reality with even more blurred lines. Neo seems to have forgotten his past, but his memories haunt him. The Matrix4 The same codes from Saga can be put to good use, while pushing the sliders further into the subject of the subjective engine.

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