Chuckie: There will be Season 2 in the serial adaptation

Chuckie: There will be Season 2 in the serial adaptation

The killer toy is a hit again. The “Chuckie” series, adapted from the eponymous cinematic history, has been updated to Season 2 by the NBCUniversal team, which broadcasts fiction on its two channels, the USA Network and SyFy.

According to figures released by the US site Hollywood Reporter, Chuckie was able to garner an average of less than 9.5 million viewers through its 7 episodes of Season 1, which launched on October 12, and will finally air on Tuesday, November 30th. Full availability the next day for subscribers to the Peacock streaming site.

“We’re excited to start pulling the strings for the second season of The Chaos Doll with Chuck,” said Don Mancini, the series’ creator. “Thank you to all our partners for their incredible support and advice in making this adaptation a reality on the small screen. And to all the fans, Chuckie sends you her indelible thanks with a message: ‘This is not the end of life. Look behind you in 2022! ”, He continues, confirming that the second episode of next year will see daylight.

In the series, Chuckie reappears in the suburbs of a suburban American city. Jack Wheeler, a lonely young man, saw the toy at a garage sale and did not know the spirit of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer who turned his soul into the toy many years ago. Chuckie then uses the boy to commit his crimes.

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