“Almost a year after Donald Trump’s departure, there are still doubts about the solidity of American democracy.”

"Almost a year after Donald Trump's departure, there are still doubts about the solidity of American democracy."
US President Joe Biden during a virtual meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping from the White House in Washington on November 15, 2021.

EHe is, in his own way, the epitome of the American dream. Fiona Hill, the daughter of an unemployed miner in the Northeast of England, was forced to leave by her father in the 1980s because she told him one day, “Nothing for you, my baby”.

Young Fiona, a recipient of the scholarship, studied at St. Andrews, Moscow, then at Harvard, Scotland, became one of Russia’s best experts of her generation, received US citizenship and was in charge of the Russian file on the Security Council. President Donald Trump Council. In 2019, the public spotted her on television screens, and she testified against the president before an I, elected Congressman. His dismissal was being investigated.

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Fiona Hill, who became a researcher again at Brookings, published a book that received great attention in the United States. Its title warns his father: Nothing here for you (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, not translated). It’s not just about his time at the White House; She is definitely talking about Russia, her own UK and her adopted country America. But above all, he says, this journey leads to identifying the object of his greatest concern: the state of American democracy.

Choices that confuse you

“I saw with my own eyes how vulnerable the United States was to the political bitterness that befell Russia.”, She writes. In 2019, she understood “America descends into its own dictatorship”. By 2020, he saw the epidemic bringing the world to the forefront “On the verge of formal bankruptcy”. In 2021, despite Trump’s departure, he remains very pessimistic.

Nevertheless, this is a country where democracy stumbles, and on December 9 and 10, the “Summit for Democracy” is being convened – via video conference. Has previously distributed good and bad points. By what criteria, we do not know: the list is careful not to mention. While some choices are obvious – Taiwan yes, not China – others are confusing. Hungary is excluded, but Poland is called. Bosnia and Herzegovina would not be there, but Serbia was called. NATO ally Turkey was finally sidelined, but Jair Bolsanaro’s Brazil would be welcomed with open arms. Pakistan and the Philippines are also playing.

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Joe Biden had In January 2020 he unveiled the idea for this summit. He wanted “Convince Other Democratic Leaders to Strengthen Democracy on the World Agenda”. In fact, it took a little effort: many of these “Other Democratic Leaders”Europeans, especially those hated by the four-year Trump administration, had some reservations about the usefulness of this noble company and made it known. Moreover, they were not involved in the preparation of this event, nor were civil society.

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