A Grand Prix on the streets of London?

According to the Daily Mail, the mayor of London has awarded his contract to build a Formula 1 circuit east of the city, which could hold the Grand Prix in the coming years.

Great Britain has been hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix every year since 1948, and has been running regularly on the Silverstone Circuit since 1987 (which has long been replaced with the Brands Hatch). But the country could host a second Grand Prix on the London side in the coming years. In fact, according to information from Daily Mail, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of the British Capital, has awarded his contract to set up a perimeter at the Royal Docks, east of the city, on the banks of the Thames., 777 Partners (owners of the Italian football club Genoa) and a group of British investors thanks to the funding of the Americans.

“World Class Sports and Recreation Complex”

“We hope it will happen. We are very excited about this topic. The racing weekend will be an electric environment with the international fan base landing on the dock and sponsored by the world’s top drivers with the world’s largest companies. Most importantly, we will create a world-class sports and entertainment complex that will serve the community throughout the year and revitalize the surrounding areas. It’s really immeasurable until this happens, but the impact is huge, ”said Josh Vander, owner of 777 Partners.

In anticipation of criticisms of the environmental impact of such Grand Prix in the city, Sadiq Khan has already suggested that this Grand Prix be first accessible only on public transport. We are now waiting to see what will be the status of F1’s leaders who have created a calendar with 23 races for next season.

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