Why the college years are the best time of your life

There are periods in life that are remembered for a lifetime. You want to go back to them again and again. The student years are that time. This stage of life is always full of positivity, bright interesting moments, and a carefree pastime.

Is it true that student years are the best time in life?

Entering a university or technical school, the applicant becomes a student. Compared to high school, he enters an independent environment, where he has to choose his friends and be responsible for his decisions. This is especially experienced by those who live in a dormitory or rent housing separate from their family. And there are a lot of pros!

The opportunity to learn how to solve everyday problems and reach an agreement with the neighbors

The first problems that arise are everyday life, with all its pros and cons. Timely replenishment of food, cooking, purchase of household chemicals and hygiene products, monitoring the accuracy and serviceability of electrical appliances – this is not a complete list of things that most grown-up boys and girls were not responsible for before. Such issues are solved quite easily among students. The circle of responsibilities is divided equally – everyone is responsible for his or her own.

Joint preparation of academic assignments

Of course, the main activity for a student is studying. Lectures, seminars, practical work, colloquiums, tests, exams. The educational whirlwind scares some people. However, there are always a lot of solutions to seemingly insoluble problems in young years. Even if circumstances are such that some material is missed, you can borrow an outline from a friend. If something is misunderstood in class, there is always a friend who can explain it in simple words.

Taking part in events and contests, having fun

Student life is not just about studying, it’s also about having fun social events, including sports, dances, poetry, and music. Events can be initiated by the dean’s office or by the Student Government Cultural Sector.

Where else, if not at student events, to show the talent to which so much time was devoted in the school years. Numerous intramural and inter-university sports tournaments, ballroom dancing contests, mesmerizing song competitions. And that’s not to mention the competitions of wall newspapers, comedies, disco parties. A student will always find time for activities of interest. Just don’t get carried away to the point where you have problems with your studies and you don’t think who can write my essay in a short time.

Special talk about those who came to study in the big city from remote regions. For all their days off they have excursions, visits to places of culture and music, exhibitions. This niche of proposals today is so diverse that it is possible to get involved not only in familiar areas but also to learn new interests.

The opportunity to discover new talents

Many people discover hobbies that remain lifelong favorites (hobbies) when they are students. For example, going on student hikes, a person falls in love with hiking or even mountain climbing for many years.

By participating in poetry contests, some discover their talents in writing poetry. For others, the world of fine art or photography opens up. When else can you carefree stand on the waterfront and paint landscapes? Or take pictures of people passing by, getting pleasure from sincere emotions? You can make money that way, too. The main thing is that it should be talented and heartfelt.


There’s a lot to learn and do in these years. A famous example is Mark Zuckerberg, who as a student managed to come up with what later became Facebook and made him the richest man on the planet.

Opportunity to develop communication skills

Become a bright, communicative person. For example, in the student squad, many show extraordinary organizational talent, and those who were naturally shy, become the ringleader and the soul of the company.

It is also possible to get experience in communicating with colleagues from foreign countries. Today there are quite a lot of exchange programs within the specialty. It is much easier to get among the lucky ones if the university has the appropriate arrangements. If not, you can find options on your own. Examples include the AIESEC or WORK and TRAVEL USA programs.

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