Temperatures will drop to 6 degrees, meteorologists warn. The weather will be clear on Tuesday

Today, Tuesday, November 30, 2021, on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, meteorologists in Egypt expect temperatures to drop significantly across the country, making Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts warmer and warmer in the southern Sinai and southern. Temperatures in some parts of the country, including Cairo, have reached 35 degrees Celsius over the past two days, with the country experiencing cold spells over the past two days. Cairo recorded a low of 35 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Weather in Egypt today.

The Egyptian Meteorological Agency clarified on Tuesday 11-30-2021 that there will be waterfall across the country in the morning on roads leading to Cairo and Alexandria, lower Egypt, northern beaches, canal cities, central Sinai and northern upper reaches. Experts expect air activity in coastal areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern coastal governorates, canal cities and northwestern Egyptian governorates in the morning, today, Tuesday, during the day. , And between the northern regions, as confirmed by experts Ali, light rain in the northwestern coastal areas and intermittent.

Warnings of the Center for Temperature and Meteorology expected in the country today.

The Meteorological Department has warned against attempts to undress during this period, as temperatures have dropped significantly in the past few days and are expected to drop again today. Cairo Governorate: 27 degrees, 16 degrees, Alexandria Governorate: 24 degrees, 15 degrees, Matru Governorate: 22 degrees, 15 degrees, and Sohag Governorate: 32 degrees and 15 degrees. Canara Governorate: 33 degrees and 15 degrees, and Aswan Governorate, 35 degrees, 16 degrees

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