Immigrants: Paris calls on London to end its “double talk”

Il faut un 'accord Union européenne et Grande-Bretagne' car 'cela ne peut pas être un simple accord de réadmission de migrants sur le territoire' français, a déclaré lundi Gérald Darmanin, le ministre de l'Intérieur.

Posted November 7, 2021, at 7:25 pmUpdated November 30, 2021, at 7:22 p.m.

Beat the iron while hot. The next day Intergovernmental meeting in Galatasaray dedicated to the immigration crisis , In the end, it was decided to fly day and night on the Chanel beach by a Frendex plane to prevent the passage of immigrants, putting points in the “i” with the United Kingdom not attending this meeting of Gerald Durman.

“We need an agreement between the EU and Great Britain,” the interior minister stressed on the channel about illegal immigration on Monday afternoon. The French government spokesman spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. A crisis that dragged France and the United Kingdom against the measures that needed to be taken.

Employees are expected to be doubled soon

As far as he is concerned the French government has decided. To prevent any new tragedy, the number of police and genders responsible for combating illegal immigration will be doubled.

In addition, the current central office staff will be expanded to suppress illegal immigration and hire foreigners without a degree. Gerald Dormann explained that “judges and officials of the Ministry of Finance” will be added to its 123 officers, and that the organization will have “national potential”. Seven regional branches will be formed next year, located in the most sensitive areas, particularly the Calais sector and the Italian and Spanish borders.

But it is very difficult to come to an agreement with Boris Johnson’s government to find permanent solutions. Paris says it is ready to resume talks to find an agreement, but Gerald Dormann has warned that “there will be no double talk”. As for the agreement he wants to see daylight between the EU and the United Kingdom, it cannot be a question of “a simple agreement to re-allow immigrants into French territory.”

Economic attraction will decrease

This is one of the proposals of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Emmanuel Macron qualified as “not too serious” last week. However, the Minister noted that France did not want to question the Docket Agreements (2004). These agreements place the British border on the French side. A situation that many opposition figures in France want to end.

The Prime Minister, Jean Costex, will write a letter to his counterpart Boris Johnson on Tuesday, offering him to work on the development of the Paris-nominated agreement with the EU, the minister finally announced. Gerald Dormann pointed out that “this is an agreement to regulate the work between Great Britain and the frontier countries in the settlement structure that was not negotiated during Brexit,” calling on London to reduce its economic attraction to the origins of the influx of illegal workers. .

Video – Gerald Dormann: “We are not British back-up”

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