Очистка системной памяти в Xiaomi с помощью короткого кода

You can “erase” the memory on Xiaomi smartphones by entering a short code

Clears system memory on Xiaomi via shortcode

If you’re tired of annoying announcements about your mobile device’s full memory, this article is for you. It talks about how to clear Xiaomi mobile device’s memory by entering a short code.


Most disk space on the device is reserved for computer memory. It is necessary to confirm the functionality of the software platform installed on the smartphone. System Memory is designed to store updates, system data cache, and memory dumps. Often, megabytes are not enough for users due to system memory.

The hidden SysDump folder is used to store its contents on Android. As you use your smartphone, the size of this folder starts to grow. As a result, the user begins to experience problems with memory loss. You can solve them by entering a simple combination of numbers in the “dialer”. To do this, open the “Phone” applet and enter * # 9900 #. Before starting the process, it is recommended to look at the available memory size settings.

Clears system memory on Xiaomi via shortcode

After entering the code, the system menu will open, in which you must select Delete TumpState Lock. After completing the cleanup process, click the Ok button to respond to the Delete Dump message that appears.

Clears system memory on Xiaomi via shortcode

To evaluate how effective it was to delete system records, you should go to Settings. In the illustrated example, the file containing the errors is 430 MB. It can be very large. Many users have used this method to remove more than 1 GB of data from the system memory.

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