[Vidéo] Was the Bugatti The Black finally delivered to London?

[Vidéo] Was the Bugatti The Black finally delivered to London?

Was the Bugatti La Car Noir actually spotted during delivery to its happy owner in London? Nothing sure

YouTube TFJJ Bugatti La Car Noir was recently able to film getting off the truck! The delivery took place outside the Londoner Hotel in London, England. Rich owner of the world’s most expensive ex-car (11 million de EurohdReplaced by more than 20 million euros Rolls Royce boat tail) Did he decide to acquire his property while staying in the English capital? We regret that this is not the case.

Copy of the presentation

This copy of The Black car used to deliver the hypercar at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.. It’s always the same copy that amazes the lucky ones out there Concourse D’Eligans of the Villa D’Este A few months later.

This is obvious when listening to youtubeur’s video, because we’re listening to … nothing. In fact, This Bugatti is not fitted with the impressive W16 8.0-liter quad-turbo of 1,500 hp at 1,600 Nm of torque.. A small electric motor is large enough to allow it to perform its set-up maneuvers at various stages.

With a little more focus, we notice it too The blue brake calipers rotate at the same time as the edges. Details that may prove problematic in the product model!

Advertising event

This Bugatti La Car Noire is currently only available in London For advertising a new bottle of champagne. Signed by the French brand, it was called “La Bottle Noir”. This is again a unique example, all made of carbon fiber and a 15 liter capacity.

Already very secretly delivered

If you’re still looking forward to seeing the delivery of the real Bugatti La Car Noir, we’re here Forced to deceive yourself. In fact, the French brand announced its hypercar, He left the factory last June, Was Already given to its mysterious owner.

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