The director of Train to Busan is planning the trilogy and shares the vision for the third film

Yeon Sang-ho is currently enjoying the success of his original Netflix series Hell. But it was his first live-action film. Train to Busan, It really put him on the map. The film was widely acclaimed and critically acclaimed in 2016 and became an instant classic. Train to Busan Unique system, social commentary, character development and terrifying fast moving zombies This One of the best horror movies of all time. The film takes place as passengers on a bullet train from Seoul to Busan try to escape the zombie apocalypse. Train to Busan Many notable actors like Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi, Don Lee, and Choi Woo-shik.

After his box office success, Yon followed Train to Busan With a separate set in 2020 Train Gifts for Busan: Peninsula, But he did not meet the expectations of the fans. He also directed the 2018 superhero film Mental illness, And the latest streaming success on Netflix, Hell. In an interview with Variety, Yon talked about Sang-ho In the grip of hell Success and future prospects. But when asked if he was planning another zombie horror, Yeon said yes.

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“I believe the zombie genre is very traditional, but at the same time, it’s completely new depending on what you bring. Personally, I have some ideas based on further development of what happens after the peninsula. But I’m going to make this into a movie. I want to do it. However, since I’ve been working on a lot of products now, I think I need to organize ideas and do what I need to work on. ”

He then talked about his busy schedule and rejected the idea of ​​creating a TV series in the universe. As what Train to Busan3 Maybe around, Yeon said as follows.

“Based on this universe – I would say they ‘t all come together. Peninsula is a post-apocalyptic film centered on car chases. After this I think the story is closer to Train to Busan, where the story takes place in a smaller and tighter place. So, by the way, you can tell it’s from the train between Busan and the peninsula. ”

With plenty of movies and TV shows planned, Yeon has a busy schedule. We will wait a little longer for direct or spiritual pursuit Train to Busan. Peninsula It was an entertaining film, but it lacked the original talent and uniqueness. An American remake Train to Busan Also in the works of producer James Vaughan and director Timo DiJanto.

Yeon’s new TV series, Hell, Based on its named Weptoon, it premiered on Netflix on November 19 and has since surpassed Squid game The most watched series. Hell It is a part process detective and a part supernatural horror show that involves direct demons coming to earth and condemning people to hell. Definitely watch out Hell If you are in the mood for some thought provoking but scary drama.

This news was born in Variety.

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