Donald Trump’s son LeBron looked dirty and insulted!

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James has been attacked by the son of former US President Donald Trump Jr.

onaldonaldjtrumpjr / NBA (DR)

Like his father, Donald Trump Jr. did not carry LeBron James in his heart. He showed it again recently, by severely insulting the king …

If his father did not welcome any NBA team that won the title at the White House during his tenure, it did not prevent him from following the league news. It seems that Donald Trump Jr. is doing the same. The eldest son of the 45th President of the United States actually has an eye on the big topics of interest to Orange Ball fans. Khairy Irving scattered on the backrest.

But like his father, most of his speeches about the NBA have to do with LeBron James. The 43-year-old businessman, who is a fierce opponent of the king, used to talk about the king on social media. Already withdrawn for its content towards it. However, this Sunday, he put the card back on, this time describing the Lakers star in a disgusting way!

Is there a bigger bitch than Losnich in the professional sports world?

A question asked in reference to one of the latest “bus” episodes involving LeBron, at which point he excluded fans of the Pacers. For commenting in a way that insults him. Trump Jr. deserves a “informant” approach, so he posted this post on his Instagram account.

Donald Trump Jr. mocks LeBron violently

Very impressed with the view of this line, Donald Trump Jr. went so far as to make a small correction to humiliate him a little more. LeBron James !

LaFoldingue wants to talk to the director !!!

If Donald Trump himself had made such comments, LeBron James, like the son of the current American politician, would not have let them flow!

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