-15% on My Sweetie Candle Thanks to Frogs in London

-15% on My Sweetie Candle Thanks to Frogs in London

A little sweet for this 29th day Calendar of arrival. Today, with a 15% discount on frogs in London, the My Sweety Candle brand of melted candles and candles makes you think.

Decoration, a gift idea, looking for a little glitter in your interior? My Sweetie Candle is full of natural and ethical options to beautify your daily life. All products are subjected to numerous tests, made entirely by hand and made from vegetable waxes selected from the best local suppliers.

The young brand, born during the first prison, offers candles in five colored jars and several scents. As for the molten waxes, each model is unique and manufactured using an innovative technique, resulting in glitter and rich colors.

My Sweetie Candle Doesn’t Make Half!

Much more. The scents are powerful, interfere with glitter works and come with bright colors.

To spoil your loved ones, My Sweetie Candle thought of you: gift boxes, mystery boxes to discover the universe of the universe, ceramic wax burners in unusual shapes … and above all, -15% exclusive deal for users Frogs in London.


To get the special offer, you need to download the app. Then navigate https://mysweetycandle.co.uk/

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