Uber France examines its drivers

November 27, 2021 at 9:32 p.m.

The French subsidiary of one of Silicon Valley’s most controversial stars is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary on December 5th. To mark the end of this year, after a decade of continuous growth, but marked by controversy, Uber France has decided to analyze the profile and preferences of its approximately 30,000 active drivers out of the 70,000 who have worked on the platform since its inception. Harris Interactive conducted a survey of its drivers, the results of which were reported exclusively to the JDD.

“Uber was actually born in France, two years before its original local establishment, recalled Laurel சீn Series, who was appointed general manager in the summer of 2020. Its founder, Travis Callanic, actually had the idea to create it while waiting in vain. A taxi in Paris in December 2018.” In ten years, Uber France – which has seen a 90% drop in activity during its imprisonment since 2020 – has recorded 350 million trips.

France is the pioneer country of the VTC group, which estimates that it will have a “positive impact” on the national economy (consumption costs, releases, vehicle leasing …), excluding epidemics, at 65 865 million a year. Asterès Cabinet. In any case its growth has been phenomenal: out of 14,000 customers in 2011, Uber France had 5 million before the health crisis, of which 81% had used the app for at least three years and 52% were women. “The name of the company has now changed in common parlance,” says the owner of the French subsidiary. “We also offer a wide range of services beyond VTC with bicycles, scooters and food delivery.”

Loyal drivers

The survey conducted on drivers (their average age was 42, instead of 39 in 2018) confirms the company’s local roots through their loyalty because 50% of them have been using the operating system for more than three years – they are only 25 years old. % Of this situation in 2016. “They have been involved for a long time,” said Laurel Series, a former consultant to Boston Consulting Group, a strategic consulting firm run by Google and Agricultural Credit.

The industrialization of drivers is also on the rise: 50% of them have been engaged in this activity for more than three years and in 2016 only 10% were unemployed instead of 40%. Before they got the recognition to become a private driver if they had to undergo an exam that required more than ten years, 80% declared that they wanted to be independent. In 2019, their average net income reached 1,617 euros per month, with an average of 42 working hours.

“I’ve met hundreds of drivers in many cities in France since I arrived. The discussions have sometimes been heated, but no one has said they want me to be an employee,” says the manager who cites the social security agreement created with Axa for them. Elections to elect staff representatives will be held in March 2022. “All important subjects will be discussed,” the general manager assures.

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