Tom Cruise hangs on the wing of a military plane in "Mission: Impossible"

Tom Cruise hangs on the wing of a military plane in “Mission: Impossible”

The Hollywood actor was seen in the air during an impressive stunt during the full shooting of the eighth episode of “Mission Impossible”.

Is there a stunt Tom Cruise can’t do by himself? American actor currently filming Task: Impossible8, Photographed by British tabloids during a dangerous scene.

The 59-year-old comedian appears to have been suspended from the wings of a WWII military aircraft: 1943 Boeing Steerman Model 75. Dailymail, Tom Cruise, wearing a helmet and suit, stuck to the machine while pursuing acrobatics. Interestingly, as always.

If these photos show the star in a subtle (though controlled) position, there is a good chance she will be seen under the controls of the camera during the filming.

Earlier this year, Tom began learning to fly a Boeing Steerman Bible for a major stunt show. Task: Impossible8“, Said a source last October The sun. “It obviously takes a lot of training, but as usual, he has no plans to take shortcuts or bring in a stuntman. And trying to film some captivating scenes on an 80-year-old plane is very dangerous.”

Tom Cruise is best known for performing stunts in most of his roles. He broke his ankle during the filming of an earlier film starring Ethan Hunt. Mission Impossible: Fallout.

In that regard Impossible goal 7, which is set to release in theaters in September 2022 after its filming is over and several postponements, the actor has promised to do “the most dangerous stunt of his life”. For the purpose of a scene, he had to drive a motorcycle on the edge of a cliff. The order in which he risked his life, He expressed confidence in the press Empire.

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