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Weather: Snow and ice at risk all December! The Christmas inclusive trend from IMMACULATE is CLAMOROUS

Latest news for DecemberLatest news for DecemberDecember, Confirmed the onset with the risk of frost and frost until at least immaculate fertilization. This is very interesting news related to thisEarly next month Can determine winter weather with snowfall at very low altitudes. But the surprises did not end there, on the contrary: Trend A. for the next few weeks Christmas is exciting: Someone is coming Great news.

The general winter, therefore, is knocking on the doors of Italy and is already on course In early December Its effects will be felt in many areas Lots of cold e Temperatures below average.

To better understand the expected evolution, we must, as usual, look at the picture European It is clear that the increase in high pressure towards Greenland and Iceland from the beginning of next month will trigger a response. Intensive improvement of Arctic winds About Europe and our country. Here is its course Next week I Snowdrops They can go down At very low altitudes especially in the central south. Depending on the intensity of the rainfall and the level at which the minimum depression forms.
Not only that. That’s in conjunction with FastaImmaculate, From December 7, Italy aPast frost wave With potential income Name Until then Plain In fact, at very low altitudes in the north and central south, the temperature must first drop further. Ice currents from Russia (-15 ° C 850 hPa, about 1500 meters above sea level), then a gateway Fast disruption From the west it can trigger snowfall On the plains.

Trend for the coming weeks, until Christmas Is very interesting and sees aReplace Between Anticyclonic phases And abrupt Polar Blitz What happened in this, as bad weather is coming back Strange autumn season. Need to find the cause Massive meridian exchanges: I.e. on the one hand we get the rise of the Azores high pressure towards Greenland (from south to north) and on the other hand towards Europe (from the north) the low pressure area connected to the polar vortex in the extension (south).
So Italy will find itself in the middle Battlefield, Short dry and sunny intervals are interrupted Rather cold and unstable air loads Down from North Pole And from Russia, With temperatures below the climatic average. Rainfall may be frequent, with risk Snowfall to very low altitudes.

In short, what has already happened in 2020 could happen again, and both may be whitewashed on the plains in December.
We will let you know.

Cold currents from Russia after immaculateCold currents from Russia after immaculateTrend until Christmas: Switching between high pressure and cold and troubled seasonsTrend until Christmas: Switching between high pressure and cold and troubled seasons

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