Quarterback Tua Tagowailoa New opportunity for the Miami Dolphins

Quarterback Tua Tagowailoa New opportunity for the Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins is a company based in the NFL. They have won the Super Bowl twice, including in 1972, where they were defeated all season. Only the Miami team has set this record. But the Dolphins are also a sleeping legend: no finals since 1985. Also, since the departure of their amazing quarterback Don Marino in 2000, they have been satisfied with four appearances in the playoffs, and have exhausted about twenty cubes. .

So last year, in the first round of the Miami Draft, Dua Dakovilova (22) was selected for the quarterfinals of Alabama, the Jaguar of college football. Born into a Samoan family in Hawaii, Dakovilova, like its official first name Tuvanikamanule, is a high school football star. He was born right-handed but has a knack for throwing with his left hand. His father, a left-handed man, trained his son to throw with this hand.

Business success in the NFL first

In 2017, during his first year in Alabama, Dua Takovilova was transferred. But, in the second half of the final, he came in and delivered the touchdown, which crowned his team as champions. The following season, he could not bear to throw nearly 4,000 yards and 43 TDs. His name was on everyone’s lips as the promotional major for the next NFL draft in the fall of 2019. Actually young Hawaii started on a very good basis. But two injuries shortened his season and reduced his rating.

However, the Miami Dolphins are betting. And Tua Tagowailoa’s visit was a success: before the start of the 2020 season, his jersey was one of the best sellers in the NFL. However the former QB of Alabama was initially a replacement for senior player Ryan Fitzpatrick. The latter were erratic results, with Dakovilova thrown into the deep end after six games. A little “Dumania” was born later. The youngster began to combine good matches and allowed Miami to compete for the play-offs until the last day.

Good first season

With so many defeats, the Florida team missed the pace for the final. However, in four years he signed on to his best season. Dua Dakovilova finished his first year of the Pro with an honor of 1,814 yards, 11 touchdowns and five interceptions. Expect beautiful things for 2021.

In fact, Miami and Dakovilova beat New England (17-16) and started well with good figures for the Florida quarterback. But very quickly, the mechanics got stuck. The following weekend, the Dolphins drowned against the buffalo (35-0) and Dua Dakovilova suffered a rib injury, missing three games.

Tacovilo Reliance Miami

His replacement, Jacobi Brisset, did not forget him. Also Miami’s shortcomings appeared: a young team, dependent on aerial play, with a heavily rearranged offensive line. The Dolphins have conceded seven consecutive defeats, practically creating a crossroads in the play-offs. Tagowailoa came out on top with decent figures, but missed the win against Houston (17-9) in early November, this time with an injured finger.

However, the former Alabama star, a week later, touched down with a win (22-10) against Baltimore. Before beating Miami against the NY Jets (24-17) last weekend. What else brings relief to its season. Will be confirmed Sunday against Carolina. But in Takovilova, to pass a course, look at his first real performance in the NFL.

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