Petar Moskov: Negotiations with the BSP are a betrayal of the right

Petar Moskov: Negotiations with the BSP are a betrayal of the right

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“If I had been in charge of the DSP, I would not have stopped negotiating with the BSP. This is a betrayal of the right,” KOD leader Peter Moskov told Lubo Ognyanov in an interview with Nova. .

He described the parties in the talks as “strange”.

“It’s not because I’m not confident in what’s happening

Decline into right values. These people grew up with the mantra of “no left, no right” – the result is a left-wing president and a BSP in power. It is a left-wing coalition that will now form the cabinet. This is a victory for the left. GERB also accuses – they promoted liberal values, “Moscow explained.

He said he voted for Kertziko in the runoff.

“Often when you see what’s going on in gypsy neighborhoods

They played circus and played with the theme of Turkey, inciting racial conflict. All this to make this gentleman president for the second time. ”

Moscow also commented on the management of the Kovit-19 epidemic and the fourth wave. “It reduces the incidence, reduces hospital admissions, but the COVID-19 mortality is high. It remains high even after the formal outbreak of the epidemic. However, this does not mean that the epidemic was handled by the state. The absence of political leadership is fundamental. This crisis is not about health. We do not have the beginning to the end.

According to him, the big play is to reconnect the structure of our nation. “If I were the health minister, I would run a strong and massive information campaign to allay people’s fears. Those who get vaccinated will be afraid of Covid 19. The rest – they are afraid of something else,” he said.

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He added, “These are all questions that the government needs to answer. After a real, meaningful information campaign – we must stop with administratively imposed restrictions. Everyone has made their decision – I have been vaccinated and I do not need to be protected. Another was not vaccinated – he made a decision and declared not to keep his decision. Then it is all personal responsibility.

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