New Mercedes-AMG S 63 with hybrid technology

New Mercedes-AMG S 63 with hybrid technology

The new generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class range is expected to be enriched with the best version signed by AMG..

The best luxury sedan with the “blessings” of Affalterbach’s engineers is becoming a hybrid, while its combined performance is expected to exceed 800 hp. The difference from the upper edition of the German flagship is the difference from the “common” SMercedes ClassBenz thanks to the unique design of the front grille, special bumper designs and the rectangular edges of the exhaust. At this point, the model is very close to official release, which is expected to take place before the time change.

Like the previous generation car, the S63 is expected to maintain its technologically advanced interior and the overall proportions of the luxury car, while at the same time showing significant changes in chassis and suspension, and will be exclusively hybridized to the particular version. . AMG types come in two, both with plugsThe V8 turbocharged thermal set with hybrid technology and a capacity of 4.0 liters is the most powerful with a performance of more than 830 hp.

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