Giant locomotive occupies Russian countryside – DN.SE

Giant locomotive occupies Russian countryside - DN.SE

A printout from Dagens Nyheter, 2021-11-28 04:44

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“Awareness of the invasive species in Russia today is higher than ever – but ignorance is still high,” says Maria Popova. She leads the network fighting against the giant locomotive. He works in the Moscow and Tver regions, but the members come from all over Russia.

Photo: Oksana Jusjko

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“When I did not go to our summer place for four years because I had children, in 2013 I realized the problem with the giant engine. When we returned, there were large, unknown plants everywhere. That’s when I got into trouble, “said activist Maria Popova.

Photo: Oksana Jusjko

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In the half-abandoned village of Zelsikov, you can immediately see which houses are vacant. The giant locomotive thrives in old gardens.

Photo: Oksana Jusjko

Vasilevo. Where people exit, the giant engine goes inside. Toxic, invasive species invade Russian countryside. In abandoned villages, the three-meter-tall plant creates impenetrable forests.

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