A very minimal relationship between Paris and London

A very minimal relationship between Paris and London
French fishing boats block the entrance to the port of Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vine) on November 26, 2021.

On Friday, November 26, relations between France and the United Kingdom deteriorated to a very low level. Less than forty-eight hours Twenty-seven people (including seven women and three children) died in La Manche, Should have prompted Paris and London to co-operate urgently to avoid further casualties, tensions escalated.

The plot came from 10 Downing Street, the night before, which was made public on Twitter, before Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote a letter to President Emmanuel Macron before Elysee was noticed. “Re-entry of Illegal Immigrants”. Clarity, All illegal immigrants who cross the canal will be deported to France. The “Dear Emmanuel” And made no other decent remarks: Elyse considered the attempt, in substance and form, a provocation, and the response from Emmanuel Macron, who traveled to Rome on Friday, was harsh.

And directly: The story of immigrants on the new subject channel of the diplomatic crisis between France and the United Kingdom

“What has happened in recent days is very serious at the human level and cannot be given easy ways. You know, France, for a long time now, has accepted its responsibilities in the area of ​​migration.” Before saying that to himself, he recalled in front of journalists “I am amazed by the methods” From the Head of the British Government “When they’re not serious”. “We do not communicate publicly through tweets and letters from one leader to another about these issues. We are not whistleblowers. be quiet ! “, He got angry and left.

Beyond the Missing Content, as described“Not allowed”, London maneuver considered too inappropriate, Home Minister Gerald Dormann decided to step down on Friday Priti Patel, his British counterpart, A A meeting of European ministers on migration is scheduled for Sunday. “Then let’s see how effective it is if the British decide to be serious.”, an app by M. Macron.

Despite the anger of French President Boris Johnson “Do not regret” A spokesman for 10 Downing Street sent his letter, saying he had written “A sense of cooperation and partnership”.

Boats used by immigrants to cross the canal from France stored at Dover (United Kingdom) on November 26, 2021.

“Two Leaders Fighting Like School Children”

Has Franco-British relations reached a point of no return? “It simply came to our notice then that this was a big mistake,” he said. Boris Johnson especially wanted to address Conservative MPs and the British public, after criticism mounted that he had “lost his hand”. Following a number of domestic policy errors, Judge Peter Ricketts, former defense adviser to the Cameroonian government and former UK ambassador to France.

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