Who’s out? Not sure? Again?

Who's out?  Not sure?  Again?

Every evening of the season, many of you ask us whether or not this or that player participated in the evening game, so we will continue to provide you with daily updates, updated live (00h- 1h). It will help your imagination, especially Coach’s game (Instructions are here) or your challenge.

As a general rule, we will not mention that a player has not been out for several weeks, however we will declare a potential return. Note that a player may be declared out at the last minute or during the evening. So do not hesitate to iron.

00:00: Philadelphie 76ers – Minnesota Timberwolves

01:30: Brooklyn Nets – Phoenix Sons

01:30: Atlanta Hawks – NY Knicks

02:00: Houston Rockets – Charlotte Hornets

02:00: Chicago Bulls – Miami Heat

02:00: Cleveland Cavaliers – Orlando Magic

02:30: Dallas Mavericks – Washington Wizards

03:00: Utah Jazz – New Orleans Pelicans

The NBA has decided to release this year’s injury report every night, which will be updated every hour. Here


  • Outside: None
  • Opportunity: to play
  • Questionable: Uncertain
  • Suspicion: Do not play
  • Available: Discount

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