In western American countries, we sow clouds to cause snowfall

In western American countries, we sow clouds to cause snowfall

To alleviate the persistent drought and promote hydropower production, the State of Idaho uses cloud seeding to prevent snowflakes from falling. A geoengineering technique has proven itself, but its effects are feared by some experts.

The snow is falling. In Western American countries, planes sow clouds in winter for snowdrops to fall. Also, when spring comes, the white coat makes it possible to irrigate the melting arid lands and produce hydraulic energy. This chain reaction is the product of a technique known as “cloud seeding” that is seventy-five years old, but is especially useful in times of repeated droughts and declining water supplies in the state of Idaho. Washington Post.

Idaho Power, a private company called Idaho Power, launched the turboprop aircraft in November, affiliated with the American daily “Gem State”, “State of Gems”, south of Idaho’s nickname:

Flying above the clouds, the plane fired rockets, which burned on the way down, releasing traces of silver iodide, resulting in the formation of ice crystals and snowfall in the mountains.

In the spring, snow falls on the slopes of rocky mountains to fill reservoirs and irrigate fields. “The state can generate hundreds of thousands of megawatts of carbon-free hydropower per hour.”

This year, the western United States experienced the worst drought in recent history, and much of Idaho has been hit by water shortages.

A study demonstrates its effectiveness

Idaho Power, a company with half a million customers in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon, has been using cloud seeding for more than twenty years. But, at the request of state officials, ice formation has intensified in recent years.

Idaho is co-sponsoring $ 2 million


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