In Australia, are covid patients being forced by the military to go to an “isolated camp”?

In Australia, are covid patients being forced by the military to go to an "isolated camp"?

Isolation – On social networks, antivoxins denounce the existence of camps in Australia in which cov patients and their contact cases are forcibly isolated. Although the Howard Springs Center has been in existence for several months, it has not imprisoned any citizen against its will.

“Isolated camps for the sick? Long-term prediction of ‘conspirators’ by Camp Howard Springs in Australia,” The article, which was shared in support of Twitter, promises France Zoer. Australian residents living in the Northern Territory, who have been tested in favor of Govt or contact cases, saw this as another argument towards the “dictatorship” health of many antivox, repeating information that was forcibly taken to “isolated camps”. And a clear link with the Nazi concentration camps. Florian Philip, he Condemned “Mad Dictatorship” Called from Australia to France “Urgent takeover of the UN Security Council”. So what are we talking about? Has this information spread on social networking sites been proven?

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First, there are isolated centers in the North for Australians returning from abroad to isolate themselves for fourteen days. This isolation period is mandatory, it was recalled Local authorities in the northern region. The Howard Springs and Alice Springs centers near the town of Darwin have been dedicated exclusively to this since January, and their operation has been documented by the press. Here in May Australian public television ABC News Or by June The Defender.

Isolations are carried out at home or elsewhere

The key information condemned by Antivox is based on a speech by local Chief Michael Conner. He reported that in the Pinjari and Rockhole tribal communities, 38 of the 8 Kovit patients and their close contact cases have been identified and then isolated in isolated areas. No mention of camps, we may ask In this extract Shared by ABC News, but in isolated places – in English “Facility Isolation”. However, were they forcibly taken to Howard Springs?

No, according to several confirmation sources. First, local authorities have defined the rules for “close” contact cases of covit patients. An isolation is mandatory in this situation, but it is possible wherever he wants They detail their site : “Go directly to the place where you are going to be isolated (home, isolated center, hotel or other accommodation)”. According to the Northern Governmente “If you are unable to effectively isolate members of the household, follow the guidelines for close contact so that you can discuss alternative accommodation with the liaison officer.”.

Testimony of a Howard Springs resident

These elements were confirmed by one of the inmates in solitary confinement, who testified this Wednesday, November 24th. “I’m Native, Covit Positive and currently in Howard Springs Isolation Facility”, Luke Ellis writes on Twitter, The person who posted the photos of the center explains that he stayed there well, was well fed and was in constant contact with his relatives. He specifically describes the difficulties in valuing isolation in his village, which has only crowded houses: “The reason for the displacement of people from Pinjari is that the crowd in Pinjari and Rockhole is high. It is not possible to isolate a house when there are 20 to 30 people living in a house.” He develops. Living conditions are not very conducive to barrier gestures within these communities, which are described In this ABC news report, Dated November 21st.

Luke Ellis denies allegations of use of military force or forced vaccination: “If they were soldiers carrying guns, soldiers holding people down and shooting them, we would have seen pictures or videos of them now. There are millions of videos of many things good and bad in tribal communities.”

If the latter wishes to share a version of his facts, it is to refute the arguments of the antivox and their vocabulary borrowed from the show: “It’s disgusting to compare it to genocide. My grandmother is from a stolen generation. It’s disgusting to compare what she and her generation experienced at this center.” In a press release Published by the Chief Minister, the tribal communities of Pinchari and Rockhole also condemned the false rumors against them.

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In short, only those living in the Northern Territory were relocated to the Howard Springs Isolation Center as they could not properly isolate themselves due to their housing conditions. The main purpose is to prevent the center of pollution that is developing in these communities as defined today. Isolation is mandatory in the Australian region however, but it can be done at home, in a hotel or at one of these centers. Further, it was not mentioned by the authorities or the persons concerned that they would be forcibly taken to any of the camps.

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