How does Apple tell you that you are being monitored?

How does Apple tell you that you are being monitored?

Apple has sent out notification alerts to affected users Spy software From the Israeli group NSO.

Apple is really committed to ending the process NSO Team. Hours after the lawsuit was filed against the Israeli manufacturer, the US company issued a warning. These are designed to inform and assist users who may have been individually targeted by government-backed attackers because of their identity or activity. This is the perfect example Pegasus This was strongly condemned by the company and financial means yesterday. Keep in mind that spyware is intended to track politicians, journalists, activists or the general public.

You are being spied on, here’s how Apple will warn you

If Apple detects suspicious activity, the US company will warn you in two different ways:

By the voice of Ivan Christian, Apple’s security manager, the brand at Apple, said the actions taken were aimed at sending a clear message. He later said his company was working on one of the world’s most advanced defense engineering operations. Apple now wants to use its full weight to protect its users against such malicious companies NSO Team.

Note that Cupertino It wants to be more laconic in its detection tools so as not to provide any information to pirates and other criminals in the process, and in order to protect the secrecy of its operation.

Follow good practices

The Apple brand finally concludes with some security tips, emphasizing the importance of protecting yourself from cybercriminals and malware by following best practices:

  • Software updates for its devices (especially on security patches),
  • Generating an access code,
  • Two-factor authentication and strong password for Apple ID
  • Installing apps from the App Store,
  • Use strong and unique passwords online and
  • Of course do not click on links or links sent by unknown senders

The good news is that after the revelations and reports released by cybersecurity specialists, Apple has already stepped up security for iOS (with the iOS 15 update). And to date, the company does not “There is no evidence of successful remote attacks against devices running iOS 15 and later.”

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