Australia – FFA Cup: Melbourne doubles

Australia - FFA Cup: Melbourne doubles

After a tough programming schedule, the last two candidates for the 32nd round of the FFA Cup are definitely known. Melbourne Victory and Western United were able to free themselves from the new format of the competition.


Despite being the eleventh and twelfth club in the men’s championship A-League, The Australian Federation (FA) did not take two seats from clubs of different regional federations in favor of two additional elite clubs. The novelty is to increase the system of play-offs competing for a place against the ninth final (twelfth) and tenth finals of the regular season. The main idea of ​​this new design was to bring more competition to the clubs that did not qualify for the championship finals.

This first edition did not meet all expectations. The Perth Glory His team sent eleven holders, on average, nineteen to B or his academy. Nationally six less. Unheard of in Australian football since 2001 Morwell Falcons Could not play with one of their teams. Despite that, Leighton Brooks conceded a goal within a minute and the Western Australian boys were very tough against a team. Melbourne wins Whose training consisted of several holders Success After a draw by Joshua Anasmo until the penalty shoot-out. Gerard Tyson knocked down Giordano goalie and then Anthony LeBron hit the net with a sharp shot. Eligibility is guaranteed for Marines and whites in rough grasslands, where they may have been mismanaged and dragged for more than two hours to qualify.

Before them, the Western United And this Jet planes From In Newcastle Stood up just before the start of the regular season. Shortly before the start of the championship this record revealed two things. Daniel Benha’s excellent left foot and goal-crossing technique would have intercepted Angus Durkat’s shot. In half an hour, after the number had touched thirty-two, the ball crossed the boundary except for the umpires and players. West United. The skin curled up behind the line before coming out. The Western United Didn’t do much, had to wait for two mistakes from the opponent: Jason Hoffman Lachlan gave Wales’ first goal of the season, then Jack Duncan left his goal empty after a failed try. An easy win by two goals to one.

In the 16th round, the Melbourne Victory FC Facing against Adelaide City FC Their southeastern rival, The Western United, Will receive Wellington Phoenix.

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