Nogent: Come and test the new surgical assistant robot

Nogent: Come and test the new surgical assistant robot

He is their new assistant! The kidney and digestive medical teams at Armand Brillard Private Hospital welcome a newcomer. The wide arms, control screen, and total weight are estimated to be more than 500 kg … The latest in a series of “Da Vinci X” operating robot, designed by the American company Intuitive, has arrived in private operating rooms to help train practitioners. On cancer.

The technology, which was bought by hospital owner Ramsay Sante for 3 1.3 million, is divided into two parts. The surgeon takes his place in front of a console, which he controls using his pedals and hands. In the patient’s abdomen, several robotic hands operate according to instructions given from the surgeon’s console.

This Saturday, patients will be able to test the robot’s handling

The hospital is organizing an open house this Saturday, in the midst of a movement called “Moomber” aimed at raising funds to fight prostate cancer. “Patients can ask questions to professionals and test the robot’s controls,” says Nicholas Champ, director of the institute.

Thanks to the discovery of the “giant inflamed prostate” or the method of treating urinary stones using lasers and cameras, an approximately half-hour guided tour around several workshops is offered to the public.

“Paths” related to urinary disorders in men and women will be provided by the hospital’s health professionals. Self-assessment questionnaires on sexual and urinary quality of life are submitted to patients and help them sign. “Patients are often ashamed to talk. But the kidneys can respond to intimate problems,” concludes Frederick Dibalt.

“It’s like we’re working under a microscope”

With the new robot, “It’s like operating under a microscope. This will increase the quality of vision and the accuracy of the gesture. Armond Brillard welcomes Frederick Thibault, a kidney surgeon who has been with us for ten years, so that we can better protect our healthy organs. For patients, this is a minimally invasive surgery, with less incisions. We value healthy tissue as much as possible, which shortens the healing time. Incontinence, erectile dysfunction … both major risks associated with prostate function are minimized.

The first operation with the help of the device is scheduled for the end of January, when it is time to train a team of ten surgeons and nurses.

Doors open this Saturday at Armand Brillard Hospital, 4, Avenue Wattau in Nogent. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free admission.

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